iPAD POS Designed For Liquor Store


PureJOIN liquor store POS system is an App which you can download it from App store anytime, anywhere. So simple and easy to use! You don’t need IT person to operate or manage this, everything is connected via Bluetooth connection, just like your Bluetooth headset or speaker.

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You can start organizing your business with PureJOIN POS at $59.99 per month. Scan driven item creation will help you to set up your database faster than ever. Our beauty item database has over 680,000 items and it is growing every day and you can get huge benefit from the managed data service.

Only $59.99 per month

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Secure your card transactions with PureJOIN EMV Ready Service. Integrated payment solution enables secure and faster card processing. EMV Ready. We also guarantee match or lower rate than current processing company.

Reduce cashier mistakes and fraud with Integrated Card Processing.

Doing a marketing campaign is not important than collecting information from the campaign. Without analyzing marketing results, you are not able to improve your next marketing campaign. Simple, affordable and trackable marketing is what you need.

Simple  – Easy  – Affordable

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Liquor – Beer – Wine

Liquor Store Inventory Management

 Inventory Management

Liquor store inventory management is now easier with PureJOIN Inventory Kit. With wireless Inventory tablet, you can manage your items and the changes you made are effective right away.

Label Printing

Print labels with all portable PureJOIN Invenotry Kit. Save your trip and time.

Features For Your Liquor Store Business

Portable Inventory Device

Check, manage your inventory and receive purchase orders quickly and accurately by scanning barcoded cases and bottles. Make your monthly inventory count like a piece of cake.

Employee Tracking

Punch in/out in one device. You can create different profiles for the employees and track them by the punch in/out features.

Reward System

Keep your customers by giving them a rewards. Easy and fast registration by entering their phone number on the customer display. You can also manage the registered customers and see how much they have spent in a day, week, month, or even for an year.


Liquor Store POS System


PureJOIN Liquor POS is Cloud based solution. Cloud will set you free from maintenance, backup, security and more compliance.



Experience PureJOIN Data Service which has over 18,000 liquor / beer / wine items and our database grows everyday from over 80 vendors.



Integrated service is the beauty of PureJOIN platform. POS, Marketing, Inventory and more sophisticated modules are integrated and works together.


Updates, maintenance and technical supports are on us. We provide you stable and powerful business tools to you so you can focus on your business.

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